Camerons Large Stovetop Smoker w Wood Chips and Recipes - 11" x 15" x 3.5" Stainless Steel Smoker: Kitchen & Dining

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Camerons Products is the leader in Smoke Cooking Technology and the creator of great innovative grilling products to show both the home and professional chef the easiest way to infuse a smoked or grilled flavor into all foods. We have developed and found products to do this outdoors on the grill or camping, indoors on the stovetop, or on a basic campfire. For over 25 years, Camerons Products has been all about good cooking, and is pleased to introduce brand new products to showcase this lifestyle and easy living. The Camerons Original Stovetop Smoker allows you to smoke foods of all types - meat, seafood, poultry, even vegetables - right on your own stove, indoors or outdoors. Smoke-cooking is a healthy way to infuse flavor without the use of fats, salts or oils - lower calories! Our smoker allows you to hot-smoke food, a process that retains moisture and natural cooking flavors so foods don't dry out or get tough. The smoker also doubles as a steamer so you get two great cooker products in one! All Camerons smokers are made of durable stainless steel that are dishwasher safe and built to last. This product will be sure to travel with you on all of your camping trips or just to a friends backyard.

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