Lexol Leather Conditioner, 3 Liters, Best Cleaner and Conditioning Since 1933 3-Liter for Use on Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and More (E300858100) : Automotive

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Sulfated Fatty Alcohols, Sulfated Neatsfoot Oil, Tall Fatty Acids, Water, Preservative.Over time, leather tells the tales of its adventures—but sometimes, those adventures leave marks that are a bit too telling—leaving your leather cracked, blemished, scratched, and worn. After using Lexol Leather Cleaner to clean leather, protect it with Lexol Leather Conditioner. Its special liquid-based formula penetrates deep into leather’s pores, restoring oils along with its suppleness and strength, preventing cracking and premature aging. Simply put a small amount on your applicator sponge and slowly massage into clean (and dry) leather to begin detailing. Then wipe off the excess with a microfiber towel, and admire. Whether you’re looking to condition a car’s leather upholstery, a vintage wallet, or your favorite recliner, Lexol helps condition to protect and keep your leather luxuriously durable—for many more adventures to come on the road ahead. Perfect for detailing all cars, luxury or otherwise. Restore and revive your leather with Lexol All Leather Cleaner, by lifting dirt and oils, allowing for an effortless wipe-away clean. Preserve and protect leather from cracking with Lexol All Leather Conditioner to nourish and maintain flexibility—without a greasy residue. Rejuvenate your leather between full clean-and-condition leather treatments with Lexol All Leather Quick Care and Quick Care Wipes.

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