SlimLine 2235 Indoor Flat Plug Extension Cord, 3 Foot Cord, Right Angled Plug, 16 gauge, 3 Polarized Outlets, 125 Volts, Space Saving Design, Neutral White Color, UL and CUL Listed… - -

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Clutter Control: Solve those power problems with ease using the SlimLine Flat Plug Extension Cord. It has a space-saving design to eliminate bulky or awkward cords. Since it hugs the wall nicely, you can place your furniture right up against the baseboard to free up space. Ergonomic: The SlimLine extension cord has a plug that is angled so it does not block the other outlet. This keeps it free for use with additional items. Versatility: Ideal extension cord for the office workstation and desks. Also, use this item to power clocks, lamps and other household appliances. Coleman Extension Cord, SPT-2, 16 AWG Conductor, 2 Conductors, 3 ft Length, White Jacket, Includes: Male Plug, UL Listed, For Indoor Use, Clocks, Lamps, Holiday Lighting. Indoor only, household cord. Thin male plug keeps cord close to wall. Plug does not block other outlets. 13 amp/125 volt. UL Listed. Sleeved. SlimLine 2235 Flat Plug Extension Cord, 2-Wire, White, 3-Foot and 0.9m. Slimline household extension cords are here to Solve problems. They have a space-saving design with safety Solutions to daily problems. Never trip over a cord sticking out straight from a wall. Now your cord will hug the wall nicely. It allows the user to safely place furniture against the baseboard. The plug is angled so it does not block the other outlet. recommended for clocks, lamps, holiday lighting, and other indoor uses. It is UL listed. 0 volts

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