Neotech Mega Strap-Regular, Black (8301052): Musical Instruments

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The patented internal control-stretch system utilized by our Mega Strap Series makes instruments feel 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable. We’ve improved on this amazing system by creating a unique shoulder pad constructed of soft, durable neoprene, elastic for added support and two layers of memory foam to add extra cushion and help wick away moisture. The materials are expertly bonded together and then sewn with Lycra binding around the edge to create a sleek, comfortable pad. This one-of-a-kind pad offers more comfort across the shoulder and back than you might have thought possible when wearing a heavy instrument. Top grade leather attachments (short, reg., midsize, long) or sturdy nylon loop connectors (banjo) make this a strap that will last a lifetime. The tailored design appeals to users of all playing abilities and the comfort is unmatched by any other strap. It's sure to be a favorite! The Mega Strap Series is available in short, regular, midsize, long and two banjo sizes to accommodate most any player and instrument combination. For optimal comfort, it is best to select the correct strap by first measuring from the top of the left shoulder to the position of the front strap pin when the instrument is held in playing position. Using this measurement, plus the overall length of the desired strap, the chart below will help to determine the strap size needed for the best possible custom fit to maximize performance and comfort. Description Top of shoulder to front strap pin Overall strap length Mega Strap - Short7"–11" (17,8cm–27,9cm)32"–37" (86,4cm–94cm) Mega Strap - Regular7"–11" (17,8cm–27,9cm)36"–45" (91,4cm–114,3cm) Mega Strap - Midsize9.5"–13.5" (24,1cm–34,3cm)40"–50" (101,6cm–127cm) Mega Strap - Long12"–16" (30,5cm–40,6cm)44"–56" (111,8cm–142,2cm) Mega Banjo Strap-Short13"–17" (33cm–43,2cm)44"–50" (112cm–127cm) Mega Banjo Strap-Regular15"–19" (38,1cm–48,3cm)52"–61" (132,1cm–154,9cm) Is your guitar a pain in the neck? You need Mega comfort. The 4 in. -Wide Neotech Mega bass strap features a weight-reduction system and a comfortable design so you can play for hours on end without discomfort. The longer Neoprene pad with Patented control-stretch system gives you more cushioning across your back and shoulder than other straps. Plus the Mega bass strap has an extra layer of foam padding. The attachment is top-grade leather so you can rest assured knowing your bass is secure. Fully adjustable from 36 to 45 in.

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