Badger Air-Brush Co. 105 Patriot Fine Gravity Airbrush: Arts, Crafts & Sewing

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Badger’s New Patriot Airbrush, Model 105-1, is a dual action, internal mix, gravity feed airbrush with a permanently mounted 1/3 ounce color cup . Designed as the gravity feed version of Badger’s popular siphon feed “Anthem” airbrush, the Patriot delivers superior performance with its innovative precision design. The Patriot’s two angle needle tip precisely mates with the Patriot’s cone shaped nozzle enabling a single needle/nozzle (.50 millimeter) configuration to spray virtually any desired material, eliminating the need for various needle/nozzle sizes. The Patriot’s body design provides exacting balance and long term user comfort; an excellent choice for detail applications, or when only a small amount of color is required. Proudly made in the USA.

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