I-DROP VET PLUS Lubricating Eye Drops for Pets: for Acute or Seasonal Dry Eyes, Superior Comfort, Fewer Applications Needed, 0.25% Hyaluronan, Long-lasting Relief, Multidose Bottle, One Bottle (10 ml) : Pet Supplies

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If you notice that your companion animal has red, watery or irritated eyes, or is frequently rubbing their eyes with their paw, they may be experiencing the discomfort of dry eyes. Fortunately, there are solutions that offer immediate comfort and relief to your furry friends to get them back to living life to the fullest. I-MED Animal Health has created the most advanced and effective lubricating drops on the market, with I-DROP VET GEL and I-DROP VET PLUS, to help relieve the symptoms of dry eyes. Formulated with a superior quality hyaluronan, I-DROP VET continuously refreshes and stabilizes all 3 layers of the tear film, providing longer-lasting hydration, lubrication & comfort. 3% Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) and Glycerin

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