Kastar Camcorder Battery Replacement for Samsung SB-L110A SB-L160 SB-L320 and Samsung SC-L Series SC-W Series VM-A Series VM-B Series VM-C Series VP-L Series VP-M Series VP-W Series Camcorder : Camera & Photo

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Price USD:$21.99*


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Jul-29-2021 $27.45 $28.26 $27.5
Jun-29-2021 $22.46 $22.57 $22
May-29-2021 $26.76 $27.9 $26.5
Apr-29-2021 $26.71 $27.53 $26.5
Mar-29-2021 $21.46 $21.88 $21
Mar-01-2021 $26.21 $27.40 $26.5
Jan-29-2021 $25.69 $26.28 $25.5
Dec-29-2020 $25.38 $26.10 $25.5


This replacement battery is compatible with the following models: Samsung SC-L Series, SC-L520, SC-L530, SC-L550, SC-L600, SC-L610, SC-L630, SC-L650, SC-L700, SC-L710, SC-L750, SC-L770, SC-L810, SC-L860, SC-L870, SC-L901, SC-L903, SC-L906, SC-L907, Samsung SC-W Series, SC-W61, SC-W62, SC-W71, SC-W73, SC-W80, SC-W87, SC-W97, Samsung VM-A Series, VM-A110, VM-A2300, VM-A300, VM-A320, VM-A3400T, VM-A350, VM-A400, VM-A5500, Samsung VM-B Series, VM-B110, VM-B300, VM-B310, VM-B350, VM-B360, VM-B5700, Samsung VM-C Series, VM-C170, VM-C300, VM-C3700, Samsung VP-L Series, VP-L2000, VP-L3000, VP-L4000, VP-L500, VP-L520, VP-L530, VP-L550, VP-L600, VP-L600B, VP-L610, VP-L610B, VP-L610D, VP-L630, VP-L650, VP-L700, VP-L700U, VP-L710, VP-L750, VP-L750D, VP-L770, VP-L800, VP-L800U, VP-L850, VP-L850D, VP-L870, VP-L900, VP-L906, VP-L907, VP-L907i, Samsung VP-M Series, VP-M50, VP-M51, VP-M52, VP-M53, VP-M54, Samsung VP-W Series, VP-W60, VP-W60B, VP-W61, VP-W61D, VP-W63, VP-W70, VP-W70U, VP-W71, VP-W75, VP-W75D, VP-W80, VP-W80U, VP-W87, VP-W87D, VP-W90, VP-W95D, VP-W97,

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