Pet Grooming Clipper Blades : Wahl Professional Animal #10 Medium Ultimate Competition Series Detachable Blade with 1/16-Inch Cut Length (#2358-500), Black

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View larger Designed to fit Wahl's KM2, KM5, KM10, KM Cordless, Thick Coat Clipper, PowerGrip, SS Pro, and Stable Pro Plus pet clippers; also compatible with most Oster and Andis detachable-style clippers. Ideal for clipping and trimming all animal coats including dogs, cats, horses, and large animals with thick, matted, and coarse coats; works effectively for complete shave downs, full body clipping, and show cuts. The medium #10 blade provides a 1/16-inch (1. 8mm) cut length; operates 2. 5 times faster than original Wahl Competition Blades. Features a midnight chrome finish; designed to cut faster and smoother with hardened steel for a durable and long-lasting blade; backed by Wahl's 30-day satisfaction . Wahl performs quality assurance on all of our products and small bits of synthetic hair may appear on the blade or clipper as a result of this process. Rest assured that your clipper and blade are brand new. 2358-500 #10 Professional (1.8mm (1/16") cut) Medium Ultimate Competition Blade By Wahl Professional Animal New and Improved Ultimate Competition Blades Professionals can cut their clipping time in half with the smoother feeding and faster cutting ability that the NEW Ultimate Competition Series Blades offer. These blades have every characteristic a professional looks for in a USA quality manufactured blade including upgraded tooth geometry for higher performance and a midnight color for easy clipping reference. The Ultimate Competition Series Blades have smooth feeding that leaves no clipper tracks and the black chrome finish adds more durability.Whether you are doing a professional clip at home with your pet, or grooming your horse and want a clipper blade that has easy glide through cutting; Ultimate Competition Blades are for you.The new high performance blades cut 2.5 times faster than Wahl Competition Series Blades and are 100% quality guaranteed to cut fur the first time they are used. In fact, each Ultimate Competition Series Blade is 100% hand tested before leaving the USA production line to ensure your satisfaction. The Ultimate Competition Blades fit the Wahl KM-2, Switchblade, Storm, Storm II, and fits most standard detachable blade clippers.Wahl Professional Animal blades are always made of high grade steel to ensure long lasting durability with a patented manufacturing process that allows tough animal coats to feed and cut quickly and efficiently. The innovative blade process allows the Ultimate Competition Series blades to cut faster and last longer for heavy duty clipping all day long. The Wahl Ultimate Competition blades are designed and manufactured in the USA. #3F 2376-500, #4 2374-500, #4F 2375-500, #5 2371-500, #5F 2372-500, #5W 2370-500, #7 2367-500, #7F 2368-500, #8.5 2362-500, #9 2360-500, #10 2358-500, #10W 2377-500, #15 2357-500, #30 2355-500, #40 2352-500, #50 2350-500, X-Block 2430-500, X-Blend 2450-500At Wahl we understand that there are several types of clipping styles that could be a determining factor toward your purchase. With this in mind all Wahl products have a full no questions asked 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason your Wahl product does not work to your complete satisfaction simply call 1-800-PRO-WAHL for an exchange to a product that fits your needs or for a full refund. Please have your sales receipt available when contacting Wahl. See packaging for instructions.

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