Slice 10400 Box Cutter, 3 Position Manual Button with Ceramic Blade: Industrial & Scientific

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See more product details More than half the Fortune 1000 use Slice patented ceramic blade box cutters and safety cutters as a safer alternative to dangerous metal blades to reduce injuries and lower costs in their manufacturing and operations. View larger View larger View larger A single Slice ceramic blade is equivalent up to 10 high-end double-sided metal blades or up to 20 high-end single sided metal blades. Metal blades are rated 5.5 on the Mohs hardness scale compared to Slice ceramic blades at 8.2, second only to diamonds. Harder edges maintain sharpness longer, cut better, and require replacement far less frequently. In fact, depending on use, you can go weeks or months without having to replace a Slice ceramic blade. Slice ceramic blades last up to 10x longer vs. traditional metal blades. Slice Ceramic blades are Patent-pending thicker blades that easier and safer to handle vs. metal. Featuring double sided blades that are strong and durable, a Slice ceramic blade is equivalent to up to 20 single-edge metal blades. Think they’re not strong enough? Slice Ceramic Blades are made from pure Zirconium Oxide ZrO2, meaning only diamonds are harder. View larger View larger Designed to stay out of your pocket. Did you know? Utility knives inside pockets cause millions of accidental lacerations every year. Easily add your own lanyard. The Ceramic blade is Finger Friendly! Sleek ergonomic design allows for self-guiding and controlled cuts. With your hands protected, a clean cut allows for safe cutting and reduced fatigue. With more than 12,000 entries from 60 nations, the reddot Award is the most prestigious design competition in the world. Slice is extremely pleased to announce that we have won our first red dot product design award for our ground-breaking Box Cutter, the worlds first box cutter with a ceramic blade. The Box Cutter, by slice, is stylish, durable, and safer to use than traditional utility knives. The dual-sided ceramic blade lasts as long as 20 metal blades, yet is ten times sharper and never rusts. It can be used to cut thick cardboard or delicate tape; Box Cutter is adjustable to three lengths. Also features easy to access blade storage. By slice. A portion of the purchase price will be donated to fund Autism research.

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