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Whether these seeds are for you, your cat or your dog, please know you are buying the best possible seed available.These seeds are HIGH GERMINATING - CHEMICAL FREE - NON-GMO - FRESH Hard Red Wheatgrass Seeds. We do regular testing of our seeds to insure that you only receive high germinating wheat seed.There are several main reasons people buy their wheat seed from us. First, they want to grow wheatgrass for dietary, or nutritional reasons. You can grow wheatgrass for yourself, or your pets! Cats and dogs love wheatgrass, which then makes it, well, CATGRASS, hmmm, dog grass?! Yes, that's right, Cat Grass and wheatgrass are the same thing!-Highest Germination Rate verified by laboratory testing - results on every label, including testing date!-Our wheatgrass seed produce mouthwatering wheatgrass.-Highest Quality Chemical Free Seeds AvailableWheatgrass is the Best Food Source For A Healthy Lifestyle!1. Chemical Free Red Wheat Provides More Nourishment for Humans Than Any other Food Source2. Hard Red Wheat Contains A Diversity Of Minerals, Vitamins, And Fats(Lipids)3. Hard Red Wheat, whether consumed or made into wheatgrass juice Is Rich in Protein4. Hard Red Wheat - wheatgrass Is A Major Diet Component Due To Its Agronomic Adaptability5. Wheatgrass grown from chemical free Hard Red Wheat Is The Most Important Source Of CarbohydratesHard Red Wheat Can Be Ground And Used To Make Breads, Rolls, Cookies, Pastries And More.The Only Red Wheat Sprouting Seeds Backed By a Lemon Insurance Guarantee!

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