Bussmann (BP/ATM-A6LP-RP) ATM-LP Low Profile Fuse Assortment - 6 Piece: Automotive

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Bussmann ATM Fast Acting Mini Fuses were introduced in the 1990's and known for late-model Original Equipment manufacturing applications. ATM fuses use the same universal color-coding as the ATC style fuse. Bussmann ATM fuses feature an enclosed element offering protection against shocks and sparks, plus corrosion resistance for longer service life. This kit includes ATM low-Profile fuses, 1 each, 7-1/2LP, 10LP, 15LP, 20LP, 25LP, 30LP amperes. With a wide range of circuit protection offerings, from blade fuses to glass fuses, fuse blocks to relays, and so much more, for Domestic, Asian, and European Cars, Trucks, Suvs, Vans, Commercial and Farm equipment, Bussmann has the solution you need. Marine, RV, and Off-road vehicles present different challenges for circuit protection that Bussmann meets head on. Rugged products suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions, including marine rated components are just some of the solutions available. Bussmann's full line of home circuit protection products reflects a long tradition of creating solutions that enhance electrical safety, reliability, code compliance and efficient power distribution in household and commercial environments. Automotive High Amp Fuses, Cartridge Fuses, Fuse Panels, Fusible Links, Junction & Terminal Blocks, Flashers, Toggle Switches, Battery Isolators Marine Water and Splash Proof Circuit Breakers, Current Limiting and Marine Rated Fuses, Fuse Accessories, Battery Isolators Household Glass and Ceramic Fuses, Cartridge Fuses, Plug Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Box Cover Units with and without Outlet, Surge Protection

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