Scepter 08669 Rectangular Fuel Tank - 12 Gallon Low Profile,Red : Automotive

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See more product details Equipped with Scepter's 2 way vented cap; this automatic air inflow valve system allows air to enter tank during operation and pressure to be released above 5 PSI. Tank swelling will occur. EPA regulations have eliminated the traditional venting in these tanks. New portable outboard marine fuel tanks will not vent below 5 PSI with noticeable swelling. The new cap will cause the portable outboard marine fuel tanks to swell. The swelling is a result of the fuel vapor building pressure because the cap must stay sealed up to 5 PSI. The new tanks will remain sealed and safe at these pressures even when swelling is visible. ALWAYS LOOSEN CAP TO RELIVE TANK PRESSURE BEFORE CONNECTING OR DISCONNECTING FUEL LINE. ALWAYS DISCONNECT FUEL LINE FROM ENGINE OR FUEL TANK WHEN NOT IN USE. CLOSURE CAPS SHOULD BE TIGHTENED UNTIL AN AUDIBLE “CLICK” IS HEARD. ALWAYS REMOVE FROM VESSEL FOR REFUELING. WHEN REMOVING THE CLOSURE CAP ALWAYS FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS AND REMOVE CAP SLOWLY TO AVOID FUEL SPILLAGE – CONTENTS MAY BE UNDER PRESSURE! All tanks are molded from UV stabilized, high density polyethylene for excellent durability and long product life. New tooling and better quality finish result in superior products that customers demand.

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