CURT 28250 A-Frame Trailer Jack, 5,000 lbs, 14-1/8 Inches Vertical Travel: Automotive

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In our goal of being your best source for all things towing, the CURT line of trailer jacks is designed with care and manufactured with pride. CURT jacks are made with quality to promote the life and function of your trailer, and they come in several different styles to accommodate your needs, whether you are a frequenter of the boat landing, the campground, the racetrack or the field. CURT A-frame jacks are designed specifically for A-frame trailers. They can be bolted or welded directly onto the trailer frame. Though they are not able to swing up and out of the way like CURT swivel jacks, A-frame jacks are made to retract completely to ensure enough clearance for safe travel. This CURT A-frame trailer jack features a weight capacity of 5,000 lbs., a travel of 14" and a top-wind handle. It does not matter what kind of trailer you tow -- a boat trailer, utility trailer, livestock hauler or recreational vehicle trailer -- if you have a receiver-style trailer, you will want a jack that complements its function. For a trailer jack that will not steer you wrong, CURT has the answer. CURT offers custom trailer hitches, electrical products and a complete line of towing accessories to get you there with confidence and enjoy every mile of the journey. Most CURT trailer tongue jacks offer the option for either a bolt-on trailer jack installation option or weld-on trailer jack option, allowing you to best accommodate your unique trailer and towing setup. Each CURT marine boat trailer jack is equipped with a trailer jack wheel at the base, giving your trailer enhanced maneuverability without requiring you to fully lift up the trailer tongue. This makes parking easier, coupling easier and launching and positioning your boat easier. These trailer boat jacks are constructed from high-strength steel for dependable strength and are shielded in a durable zinc plating. This tough finish is optimal for water exposure, frequent at the boat landing, ensuring long-lasting corrosion resistance of the trailer jack support leg and internal components. For increased safety while towing and ease of use, all CURT boat trailer jacks mount with a swivel bracket. This allows the boat jack to swivel up and out of the way for travel, providing plenty of ground clearance for your trailer tongue. The swivel design also makes setup quicker and easier with less raising of the trailer jack leg required.

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