Samsung Electronics HAFCIN Samsung DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter, 3 Pack, White: Kitchen & Dining

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View larger View larger View larger When you purchase a SAMSUNG Side by Side or French Door refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser, rest assured that it is equipped with a water filtration system. Whether located inside or outside the refrigerator, both filters are guaranteed to help reduce contaminants in your water. Enjoy fresh filtered water right from your Samsung Refrigerator dispenser without worries. With fresh-tasting filtered water just a fingertip away, you are saving by no longer purchasing water. Plus, you may be helping the environment by no longer consuming water from plastic bottles. Samsung water filters are tested and certified by NSF International, a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to public health, safety, and environmental protection. Its certification is widely recognized around the world as a leader in safety. View larger View larger View larger Samsung water filters use a high grade carbon block that removes over 99% of numerous potentially harmful contaminants which may be present in your water such as: Chlorine Taste & Odor - chlorine is widely used in water treatment as disinfectants but may add particular odor and taste to the water. Heavy Metals & Chemicals - such as lead and other common industrial contaminants with high toxicities can infiltrate water source and endanger your health. Microbial Cysts - parasites such as cyrptosporidium is commonly found in lakes and rivers. It has high resistance over disinfectants such as chlorine thus can remain longer inside water. Simply refer to your refrigerator digital panel for filter light indicator. When it is time to replace the filter, the light will turn red. You may also place a monthly sticker (included inside every cartridge package) on the filter cartridge as reminder. Purchase only Samsung Genuine water filters for authenticity and guaranteed performance. Be careful with other brands or imitations that display a cheaper price and are claiming compatibility with Samsung filters. Only Samsung genuine filters have our guarantee of quality to deliver water filtration at our specification. Samsung Genuine Refrigerator Water Filters give your family clean, fresh water, while protecting your refrigerator and home from potential damage. This filter uses a powerful concentrated carbon filter to eliminate over 99 percent of potentially harmful contaminants. Samsung Genuine filters are produced in both Korea and Mexico. Shipping Note: Shipping to PO Boxes and APO addresses is not available for this item.Fits ModelsRF22K9381SG/AA, RF22K9381SR/AA, RF22K9581SG/AA, RF22K9581SR/AA, RF22KREDBSG/AA, RF22KREDBSR/AA, RF22M9581SG/AA, RF22M9581SR/AA, RF23HCEDBBC/AA, RF23HCEDBSR/AA, RF23HCEDBWW/AA, RF23HCEDTSR/AA, RF23HSESBSR/AA, RF23HTEDBSR/AA, RF23J9011SG/AA, RF23J9011SR/AA, RF24FSEDBSR/AA, RF24J9960S4/AA, RF25HMEDBBC/AA, RF25HMEDBSG/AA, RF25HMEDBSR/AA, RF25HMEDBWW/AA, RF260BEAEBC/AA, RF260BEAESG/AA, RF260BEAESP/AA, RF260BEAESR/AA, RF260BEAEWW/AA, RF261BEAEBC/AA, RF261BEAESG/AA, RF261BEAESP/AA, RF261BEAESR/AA, RF261BEAEWW/AA, RF263BEAEBC/AA, RF263BEAESG/AA, RF263BEAESP/AA, RF263BEAESR/AA, RF263BEAEWW/AA, RF263TEAEBC/AA, RF263TEAESG/AA, RF263TEAESP/AA, RF263TEAESR/AA, RF263TEAEWW/AA, RF265BEAESG/AA, RF265BEAESR/AA, RF26HFENDSR/AA, RF26J7500BC/AA, RF26J7500SR/AA, RF26J7500WW/AA, RF28HDEDBSR/AA, RF28HDEDPBC/AA, RF28HDEDPWW/AA, RF28HDEDTSR/AA, RF28HFEDBBC/AA, RF28HFEDBSG/AA, RF28HFEDBSR/AA, RF28HFEDBWW/AA, RF28HFEDTBC/AA, RF28HFEDTSG/AA, RF28HFEDTSR/AA, RF28HMEDBBC/AA, RF28HMEDBSR/AA, RF28HMEDBWW/AA, RF28HMELBSR/AA, RF28JBEDBSG/AA, RF28JBEDBSR/AA, RF28K9070SG/AA, RF28K9070SR/AA, RF28K9380SG/AA, RF28K9380SR/AA, RF28K9580SG/AA, RF28K9580SR/AA, RF28M9580SG/AA, RF28M9580SR/AA, RF30HBEDBSR/AA, RF30HDEDTSR/AA, RF30KMEDBSG/AA, RF30KMEDBSR/AA, RF31FMEDBBC/AA, RF31FMEDBSR/AA, RF31FMEDBWW/AA, RF31FMESBSR/AA, RF323TEDBBC/AA, RF323TEDBSR/AA, RF323TEDBWW/AA, RF32FMQDBSR/AA, RF32FMQDBXW/AA, RF34H9950S4/AA, RF34H9960S4/AA, RH22H9010SG/AA, RH22H9010SR/AA, RH25H5611BC/AA, RH25H5611SG/AA, RH25H5611SR/AA, RH25H5611WW/AA, RH29H8000SR/AA, RH29H9000SR/AA, RH30H9500SR/AA, RS25H5000BC/AA, RS25H5000SR/AA, RS25H5000WW/AA, RS25H5111BC/AA, RS25H5111SG/AA, RS25H5111SR/AA, RS25H5111WW/AA, RS25H5121BC/AA, RS25H5121SR/AA, RS25H5121WW/AA, RS25J500DBC/AA, RS25J500DSG/AA, RS25J500DSR/AA, RS25J500DWW/AADA29-00020B Features: -Water filter.-Also Known As Samsung DA29-00020A / HAF-CIN Refrigerator Water Filter.-Samsung Aqua-Pure DA29-00020B Plus Water Filter reduces the following contaminants: 99.00pct of Asbestos 96.70pct of Benzene 97.40pct of Chlorine Taste & Odor 99.99pct of Cysts 99.30pct of Lead at pH 6.5 99.90pct of Lead at pH 8.5 98.00pct of Particulates (Class I) 99.10pct of Turbidity 94.60pct of Atrazine 99.00pct of Lindane Fluoride is not reduced. Dimensions: -Samsung DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter Specs: Dimensions: Approximately 2 inches in diameter and 8 7/8 inches long. Filter Life: 6 Months or 300 Gallons (whichever comes first). Operating Pressure: 30 - 125 psi. Operating Temperature: 34 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Micron Rating: 0.5 microns.-Overall dimensions: 10'' H x 2'' W x 2'' D.

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