Silver Brush Limited 10342 Grand Prix Filbert Brush for Oil Paintings, Size 2, Long Filbert Long Handle

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Silver Brush Limited is a brand that understands true craftsmanship. We began as a small business in the basement of Dee Silver’s house, and quickly expanded. We serve artists everywhere by offering our superior products worldwide. Our Grand Prix series is a product line specifically tailored to fit the needs of artists who use oil paints. Each brush within our Grand Prix line is designed to offer optimal performance when working with oil-based paints. We proudly present our sleek, fashionable, and functional Grand Prix oil paint artist brushes for those painters who appreciate premium art supplies. Each professional artist brush in our Grand Prix product line is hand-crafted by an experienced artisan, with seven or more years of experience, who understands the high-quality brushes needed by skilled artists. Feel confident with each painting knowing that skilled crafters have dedicated countless hours to provide you with exceptional hog-bristle brushes.Our bristle artist brushes are created with natural hog hair. Hog-hair brushes are capable of absorbing and carrying enough paint due to their deep natural flags and interlocking bristles. The long matte-green handle will sit comfortably in your hand as you perfect your easel painting. The ferrule is made from copper and coated in a crimped, triple-epoxy barrier. This upholds the life of the brush by reducing the chance of water damage. After using one of our Grand Prix brushes, be sure to clean it properly. After you have completed a painting session, wipe the brush with a towel. Use mineral spirit or solvent to completely remove oil paint. Remember to never leave a Grand Prix brush soaking in any liquid as this can damage the handle. Watch your dreams come to life with our Grand Prix brushes.

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