AbMat Silver - The Original Abdominal Trainer - Works Entire Abdominal Muscle Group for Complete AB Workouts : Sports & Outdoors

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Are you ready to finally see results from your rigorous ab workouts? AbMat can and will provide you with the results you have been looking for! - the AbMat allows the body full range of motion to work the entire abdominal muscle group to its max - not only is the AbMat perfect for developing strong ABS, it also is great for core strengthening in you back and oblique’s. Designed contoured to your lower back to provide support and to help prevent injury during rigorous abdominal exercises - use the AbMat for a variety of exercises that isolate upper and/or lower abs as well as the oblique’s and lower back muscles - use the AbMat as an alternative to an ab wheel - ab carver - ab roller - no more balancing! Unlike fitness balls and ab wheels the AbMat will not roll or wobble on you so you can concentrate on your core exercises - proudly made in the USA! Includes instruction manual as well as ideas for ab workouts here is what some AbMat users had to say: "great mat! The only problem I have now is that I set off the metal detectors at the airports. Because of my abs of steel!" "It is very effective for not only safe sit-ups which do not strain my back, but also for strengthening the side oblique muscles and other abdominal areas." "The AbMat rocks for abdominal workouts. You get a great ab workout because of the body position the mat forces you into, following the natural curvature of your spine." start seeing the results you have been looking for! Get your AbMat today.

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