Thinkbaby BPA Free Vented Baby Bottles (9 ounce) (2 pack) : Think Baby Bottles : Baby

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CEO & Founder Kevin Brodwick – Chief Thinker. Simply creating a baby bottle that was safe just wasn't enough. We went the extra mile to create a bottle that solved many parental complaints. For example a venting system is built right into the nipple. There are no extra pieces to clean or potentially lose. We then made the nipple No Spill through our cross-cut design. This eliminated a large amount of mess that occurs during feeding. It also mimics the way children feed during breastfeeding, as it requires them to apply pressure and nurse to receive fluid. One of the great things about the Thinkbaby Thinker System is that you can convert the baby bottles into Sippy Cups and then on to the final stage - the straw bottle (Thinkster). We recommend using the Thinkbaby Baby Bottle with our Made-from-Limestone Neoprene Sleeve, available for purchase now. Converting the baby bottle into The Sippy: Remove the baby bottle nipple and replace with the Sippy Cup spout. Then place the Sippy Cup handles around the top of the baby bottle and push down over the neck of the bottle. Tighten the collar with spout around the neck of the bottle and…presto! You have our Sippy Cup!!! Converting The Sippy Cup into The Thinkster: Take collar off of baby bottle (along with spout) and screw on the Thinkster top. Ta-da! The Thinkster! And congrats-- you not only saved the landfills, but you also saved yourself money by lengthening the useful life of your bottle. Tips For Cleaning Why a Bottle? Our Chemical Policy Social Responsibility The Thinkbaby Baby Bottle is made from safe polypropylene, without BPA, PET, or any other biologically harmful chemicals. Includes two bottles, two Stage A nipples, and two travel caps. The extra soft, medical grade silicone nipple mimics natural breastfeeding, and is cross-cut to reduce spillage and instances of colic. Travel cap that protects the nipple from bacteria. Dishwasher safe, top rack recommended. We recommend sterilizing the bottles in boiling water for 2 to 5 minutes before first use. We do not recommend utilizing sterilizers, as we cannot guaranty that the ones on the market were made with safe materials. While the baby bottles are technically microwave safe, we strongly suggest that parents do away with the use of microwaves for all items and products destined for your little one. To prepare the nipple for first use, please squeeze the top of the nipple and the venting tube. YouPlease note that colors/graphics on some items may vary slightly due to differences in lighting, exposure, or recently updated product from the manufacturer.

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