Southwire 64169622 5 Conductor 18/5 Thermostat Wire, 18-Gauge Solid Copper Class 2 Power-Limited Circuit Cable, 50-Feet, Brown - Electrical Wires -

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Southwire continues to innovate to bring solutions to the electrical industry as one of the leading manufactures of wire and cable. With nearly 70 years of experience, our wire and cable products are designed to help simplify installation, reduce labor and material costs, while assisting to create a safer work environment. 18-Gauge, 5 Conductor, Solid Copper Thermostat Wire, Class 2 Power-Limited Circuit Cable, Brown Jacket. Southwire Thermostat Wire is manufactured using solid copper conductors with 6 mils of polyvinyl chloride PVC insulation. The two conductor cable is flat-multiconductor cables are round. Southwire's Thermostat Wire is a class 2 power-limited circuit cable for use in heating and air conditioning controls bell and alarm systems. Southwire's thermostat cable adheres to the following specifications: Class 2- Power Limited per NEC Article 725, MP- Multi Purpose Cable per Articles 725, 760, and 800, CM-Communication Cable per Article 800, FPL-Power Limited Fire Protective Signaling Cable per Article 760, Sunlight Resistant, PVC Insulation, and Solid Bare Copper per UL Standard 13, RoHS Compliant, OSHA Acceptable. Southwire provides a full line of products, in both copper and aluminum, for a wide range of applications. The company leads the industry in new and innovative products that help simplify installation, saving time and money. In addition to its standard product line, Southwire can also make custom products offering its customers the most complete line of products for almost any requirement or situation. No matter what the residential, commercial, or industrial application requires, you need look no farther. Southwire has just the right wire and cable product you're looking for.

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