Otter Wax Heat-Activated Fabric Dressing | 1/2 Pint | All-Natural Water Repellent | Made in USA: Sports & Outdoors

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Our Heat Activated Fabric Dressing is perfect for those hoping to achieve a "Factory Waxed" appearance when waterproofing their gear. Our wax offers long-lasting protection from the elements and contains only ALL-NATURAL ingredients from renewable sources. Otter Wax is the first and only water repellent wax that doesn’t utilize paraffin, silicone, or other synthetic ingredients. Otter Wax is formulated to be both highly effective and environmentally friendly. After the first application of our Heat Activated Fabric Dressing, keep a bar of our Otter Wax in your car or ski bag for quick, on-the-go touch-ups. Long-Lasting Protection, All-Natural Ingredients (No Silicone, No Petroleum), Non-Toxic Formula : No Obnoxious Odors or Dangerous Chemicals, Versatility (Use on Canvas Shoes, Hats, Jackets, Rucksacks, Backpacks, Tents, & Much More)

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