Mineral Identification Kit, Rock Samples for Studying Geology and Earth Science (Set of 20): Industrial & Scientific

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See more product details This mineral identification kit provides a hands-on experience performing tests to identify minerals, and is designed for classroom use. Sorting cards use the process of elimination to assist students with identification, and the included streak plate, iron nail, magnifier, and magnet allow students to test for hardness, luster, streak, and color. The kit includes 20 samples along with an identification sheet. Samples are 1" to 2" in size and are individually marked for easy identification. Samples include- milky quartz, microcline feldspar, muscovite, mica, biotite mica, calcite, hornblende, gypsum, talc, graphite, hematite, fluorite, sulfur, limonite, nepheline, rose quartz, barite, chalcopyrite, galena, pyrite, and magnetite. Collection is designed for grades 5 and up.

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