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JerseyGenius is a patented unique and innovative solution to hang any jersey or shirt on the wall.  The JerseyGenius system uses adjustable pivot joints, making it easy to shape to any type of jersey that needs to be hung.  Using the JerseyGenius display you can hang basketball jerseys with a no show look not possible with other hangers, or hockey jerseys to display the entire jersey including the arms.  Use as many pivot joints as you need to customize JerseyGenius to the shape of your unique jersey.  Display and protect your favorite collectible jerseys from any Professional or College sports teams and more. JerseyGenius also works great as a T-Shirt Display. It has been used to display everything from Letterman Jackets to Wedding Dresses and all types of apparel for Retail Display and photo shoots. JerseyGenius consists of 1 shoulder bracket and 16 pivot joints.  Simply snap the joints together, slip your jersey on your JerseyGenius and hang it on the wall, no tools necessary! The JerseyGenius is the perfect adjustable jersey hanger for the dorm room, apartment, bar, man-cave, sports room and more! Our JerseyGenius comes with 1 Shoulder Bracket, 16 Pivot Joints and descriptive assembly instructions. Easily snap the pivot points onto the main bracket. Add as many pivot joints as needed for your individual jersey. By adding fewer or more pivot joints, JerseyGenius can be constructed to fit various sport jerseys with a no-show look! Once you have assembled your JerseyGenius with the desired amount of pivot joints, simply slip your favorite jersey onto the JerseyGenius. If necessary, remove the jersey and adjust the shape of the pivot joints for the desired look. To remove the jersey simply slide one arm all the way over towards the center and over the shoulder bracket and pull the other arm out of the bottom of the Jersey. Once you have your JerseyGenius assembled and have your favorite jersey onto the display, easily hang your new display by using a nail (included) or adhesive hook, no drilling necessary! Simply position your JerseyGenius display so that the should bracket rests upon the nail or hook for a seamless display!

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