SkateMate patented handheld Ice Skate Sharpener / Conditioner for ALL ice skates, Ice Hockey, Speed skates or Dance! by Skatemate : Sports & Outdoors

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Self aligning, hand held Patented Ice Skate Sharpener that adjusts to fit any blade. The Space Age (flexible) abrasive cylinder will reshape itself to fit any hollow ground or flat blade as it Automatically shapes itself to the ROH of the blade being sharpened. Includes unique deburring strips to give the perfect honed edge to your blades. even half an hours skating can destroy your blade's edge so use frequently and keep your edge's sharp. You will feel the difference. Pro Skaters use them --- so should you! Especially if skating outdoors as outdoor ice has a lot of sand and particulates in it which are abrasive and they wear away the sharp edges quite quickly as you skate, using your SkateMate frequently when outdoors will really make a difference to your control and speed.

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