Golight Stryker GL-3067 Wireless Remote Control Spotlight w/ 2 remotes: Home Improvement

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The GL-3067 Golight Stryker from Larson Electronics is a 65 watt motorized spotlight that operates with a hand held and a dash mounted wireless remote control. This model is white and is permanently mounted. The lamp is a halogen Cr5 Pentabeam II bulb that produces 1 300 lumens of quality light output and a 6000K color temperature giving it great color rendering and contrasting properties. The long spot beam provides 850 feet of coverage and is effective to the far end of its reach. This light has a 6.5 million candlepower rating. The remote control operation allows users to rotate the light 370 degrees with a hard stop and to adjust vertical tilt through 135 degrees. Remote control functions include on/off buttons and 4 buttons which control up down left and right movement. The light is permanently mounted via three screws. A detachable interlocking stainless steel mounting plate simplifies mounting. Three mounting holes secure the plate to the surface. Interlocking brackets and a machine screw at the back of the unit secures the plate to the Golight. The weather resistant housing is constructed of ASA Luran thermoplastic that is heat resistant impact resistant UV resistant and able to withstand abusive conditions. Remote movement of the spotlight is provided by an automotive grade internal motor gear and transmission assembly constructed of LEXAN brass and stainless steel to provide rust and corrosion resistance as well as long life and reliable operation. This light meets marine standards for fresh and saltwater use and is designed for use in all weather conditions. This light operates with 12 volts DC and draws only 5.5 amps making it ideal for vehicles boats ATVs and similar sources of 12 volt direct current. The light ends in a 1 foot pigtail with stripped and tinned leads. The operator must provide wiring from the battery and/or fuse box to the light. A 16 AWG is recommended.

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