KEEPER (02606 10' x 1" Lift Sling, 1 Ply: Automotive

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Keeper Performance Engineered Slings are made from Hi-Test webbing and meet WSTDA standards. Keeper polyester web slings with flat eye to eye loop ends are versatile slings for general use. Use in choker, basket or vertical hitches. Heavy duty fabric covered loop ends are more durable. Keeper 1", 1 Ply slings have vertical/choker/basket capacities of 1600lb/1280lb/3200lb and have a Class 7 rating that uses 10,000lb webbing (9,800lb webbing per inch width minimum). View larger View larger View larger Keeper lifting slings are made with the industry standard Polyester webbing. Polyester allows for minimal stretch while under load and excellent wear properties. Both looped ends are wrapped with a wear resistant cover giving additional protection at the contact points, providing more durability when attaching to bow shackles or over hooks. Each lifting sling will carry different capacities depending upon how it is being used; Vertical, Choker, Basket. Always confirm the capacity of your sling is suitable for your attachment method.

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