Viagrow 1 Gal. Plastic Nursery Pots (3.78 Liters) 10-Pack: Garden & Outdoor

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Viagrow 1 Gal. Nursery Pots (10-Pack) ( 3. 78 LITERS) trade gallon. All Viagrow nursery pots are BPA free and food safe. Round plastic nursery pots are inexpensive & durable perfect for many types of soil or hydroponic growing media such as, coconut coir, vermiculite, perlite, topsoil and many others. Viagrow pots can be used for both outdooring gardening and indoor gardening, plastic plant saucers are recommended for indoor gardens. The raised rim design allows easy handling & easy stackability when not in use. Viagrow gardening pots can be reused indefinitely and make great seed starting pots. Please note that our pots are measured in trade gallon. A trade gallon is a term used to denote the sizes of standard plant containers in horticultural Industries. A trade gallon is equal to approximately 0. 71 U. S. Liquid gallon.

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