Always Discreet, Incontinence & Postpartum Underwear for Women, Maximum, Small / Medium, 32 Count: Health & Personal Care

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On Amazon, these items can be purchased with most FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) and HSAs (Health Savings Accounts). If you have a card, you can add it in checkout. You can also purchase these items using a different payment method and choose to be reimbursed from your benefit administrator later. With Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear for Women, Maximum Absorbency, you can get incredible protection that stays in place and helps you get through your day even when you experience large amounts of leakage. With a RapidDry Core to lock away wetness and odor, as well as Double LeakGuards to help prevent leaks, you can get secure leakage protection. This incontinence underwear for women is made with gentle, cotton-like fabric, and has a soft waistband that follows your body’s curves for extra comfort. All about Always Discreet. How is Always Discreet different than similar products? Always Discreet Underwear offers incredible protection that hugs your curves from every angle. The RapidDry core turns liquid to gel to help keep you dry. Also, the Double LeakGuards help keep wetness away from edges. How do I find the right size for me? Always Discreet Underwear comes in sizes from small to extra-large as well two different fits. Always Discreet also has liners and pads in a range of absorbencies for your bladder leak needs. Check the chart above to find the right product for you. Is Always Discreet scented? Always Discreet Underwear has a light, fresh scent and has been dermatologically tested. It uses exclusive OdorLock technology to neutralize urine odors instantly and continuously rather than just covering up odors. How long should I wear Always Discreet before changing it? You should change your Always Discreet Underwear whenever you feel it’s appropriate. Many women change after they experience a bladder leak. Is Always Discreet FSA-qualified? Yes. A Flexible Spending Account, which is sometimes called a flexible spending arrangement, is a special account for money that you use to pay for specific out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Money in an FSA is untaxed, so you save an amount equal to the taxes you would have paid on any purchases you make with the account. In addition to standard healthcare expenses, you can use funds in your FSA to pay for many other over-the-counter items, including Always Discreet incontinence products. Ask your employer if your benefits include an FSA. Get incontinence and postpartum underwear you can depend on with Always Discreet. This super-absorbent disposable underwear has an incredible fit and up to 100% bladder leak protection. The incontinence briefs have a RapidDry core that covers you from front to back for protection where you need it. The core technology turns liquid to gel to absorb even the heaviest leaks. The Double LeakGuards help keep wetness away from edges and stop leaks where they happen most. Always Discreet has 360° FormFit elastics that pull the contoured core closer to the body, so you can say goodbye to bulky adult diapers and hello to a smooth and comfortable fit. As always, exclusive OdorLock technology helps neutralize odors instantly and continuously. With Always Discreet incontinence underwear, you can walk with poise while wearing discreet, amazing protection. Bladder control problems may be treated medically. Please consult your physician for professional advice. Like most articles of clothing, underwear can burn if exposed to flame or other source of ignition. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep plastic package bag away from babies and children.Not AvailableTo Use: Bow indicates front. Step in and pull up like regular underwear. To Dispose: Slip off and throw in trash. Do not throw in toilet.Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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