3M Trizact Performance Sandpaper, 03056, 5000, 3 2/3 in x 9 in: Garden & Outdoor

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Featuring 3M's Trizact technology for uniform and consistent finishes, 3M Trizact Performance Sandpaper makes refined, professional-grade sanding faster and easier for auto body jobs large and small. This durable sandpaper features Trizact mineral abrasive – tiny, sharp structures resembling pyramids which are arranged uniformly across the surface. These structures create a fast, even cut that removes very fine sand scratches from metal surfaces. Lightweight foam backing makes it flexible and conformable, which is ideal for hand sanding, and also attaches easily to sanding blocks and other hand sanding tools. With extremely fine abrasive grit, Trizact Performance Sandpaper is ideal during the Finish stage of the 3M Body Repair System. It helps reduce the time and materials needed for polishing, and can even eliminate the need for compounding. Use for wet sanding, which helps minimize loading and controls dust for maximum sheet life. Our 3M Trizact Performance Sandpaper combines a fast cut and extremely consistent, refined finish for your auto body projects. It features our Trizact structured abrasive – its microscopic three-dimensional mineral structures resemble pyramids. This patterned, precise surface on a lightweight foam removes very fine sand scratches and leaves metal and painted metal surfaces ready for polishing.

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