Kidzlane Durable Piano Mat, 10 Selectable Sounds, Play and Record, for Kids 2 to 5, Dance and Learn: Toys & Games

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Musical play impacts children in a big way. It teaches self-expression and sparks all areas of child development, including intellectual, social, emotional, motor and language skills. The Kidzlane Piano Mat will introduce toddlers to music in a fun, immersive approach, combining music and motion to build your child's brain and body! Kids love to stomp all over the jumbo padded keys and create new tunes. They can experiment with 10 different instruments, and will even get to record and re-play their very own songs! Four modes allow them to improvise, record, playback and listen to songs. The Kidzlane Piano Mat is a terrific toddler learning toy geared for kids ages 2-6. Packed with loads of exciting features, it's sure to keep little ones entertained all day! 17 Jumbo Numbered Piano Keys - softly padded to protect little feet 10 Musical Instrument Sounds - piano, guitar, trumpet, and more! 7 Pre-Installed Demo Songs - play when the mood strikes 4 Playing Modes - free play, record, playback, and demo songs Adjustable Volume - choose from 16 different volume levels Automatic Power Off - unit will power down to avoid wasting battery 3 AA batteries included - easy to replace when needed Heavy Duty Vinyl Construction - made to last At Kidzlane, Unlike most today's toy manufacturers, we refuse to lower our standards and will never compromise on quality or cost. Buy once and enjoy toys that last forever! Our premium quality dance mat is built to last! It is made with superior quality materials and is rigorously tested for quality, leading to a toy unmatched in quality and durability. When it comes to the toys in our children's hands, what could possibly be more important than safety? At Kidzlane, we ensure the complete safety of our toys by conforming to the highest industry standards. Every product we sell has passed a rigorous testing and certification process before landing at your door. Kidzlane is dedicated to providing you with the best in fun, innovative toys. Our passion is to help families have fun and build great memories through play. We promise to exceed your expectations with our signature quality and excellence.

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