GE WB31K10016 Genuine OEM Burner Grate (Black) for GE Gas Ranges : Appliances

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This high quality Genuine OEM GE Appliances Burner Grate (WB31K10016) provides a stable surface for cookware over the burner . The Black Burner Grate provides a stable surface for cookware over the burner. Please be aware that it is recommended to disconnect the appliance from all utilities prior to installation of the Burner Grate.Compatible Models: LGB356BEA1AD, LGB356BEA1WH, LGB356BEA2AD, LGB356BEA2WH, LGB356WEA1WW, LGB356WEA2WW, RGB532BEA1AD, RGB532BEA1CT, RGB532BEA1WH, RGB532BEA2AD, RGB532BEA2CT, RGB532BEA2WH, RGB532BEA3CT, RGB532BEA4AD, RGB532BEA4CT, RGB532BEA4WH, RGB532BEA5AD, RGB532BEA5WH, RGB532BEA6WH, RGB532BEA7WH, RGB532BEA8WH, RGB533WEA1WW, RGB533WEA2WW, RGB533WEA4WW, RGB533WEA5WW, RGB533WEA6WW, RGB533WEA7WW, RGB533WEA8WW, RGB535BEA1AD, RGB535BEA1CT, RGB535BEA1WH, RGB535BEA2AD, RGB535BEA2CT, RGB535BEA2WH, RGB535BEA3CT, RGB535BEA4AD, RGB535BEA4CT, RGB535BEA4WH, RGB535BEA5AD, RGB535BEA5WH, RGB535BEA6WH, RGB535BEA7WH, RGB535BEA8WH, RGB740BEH1CT, RGB740BEH1WH, RGB740BEH2CT, RGB740BEH2WH, RGB740BEH3CT, RGB740BEH3WH, RGB740BEH5CT. This is a Genuine Replacement Part,The Model Number and Name for The Following Item: General Electric (GENF0) WB31K10016 Range/stove/oven Burner Grate

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