YESBEARS Giant Teddy Bear 5 Feet Tan Color Ultra-Soft (Pillow Included): Toys & Games

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At YesBears We utilized Pure White ultra-soft Polyester Fiber to fill up each individual stuffed animal. It contains high density and fluffiness to ensure best huggable experiences. This fiberfill is manufactured using lightweight, recycled polyester fibers, and is ideal for stuffed animals. Here are its top benefits:    Wrinkle resistant Odorless Ultra Soft & Light DON'T FORGET LOVE PILLOW INCLUDED!   Constructing a stuffed animal is like building a house. We chose the strongest thread over the industry standard, with tested Tear Resistance up to 30bls. This strength allows you to play with the toy without worrying it will break. Here are some of the top benefits:    Tested 30bls tear resistant  Tightness between threads ( No Holes ) Ultra Durable   Step 1. Our warehouses are filled with rolls of different high -density fabric (Tear resistant). We are fully geargeared for production and continue to strive our best to provide the best stuffed animals.   Step 2. After unwrapping the fabric, our designers plot the shape along with a symmetrical, precise cutting tool. All shapes and parts are identical to ensure each stuffed animal is proportional overall.  Step 3. Once the pieces are cut out, it's time to go under the sewing machine, as shown in the photo. As mentioned earlier, we use 30bls tested pull strength threads, meaning the durability is excellent. P.S feel free to wrestle with our stuffed animal. All Bowties are removeable ! Ultra Softness  

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