Pest Contro PR23 Battery Operated Repeller : Garden & Outdoor

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This new pestcontro Ultrasonic device is completely portable, which allows you to place it wherever you need to fight rodent infestations. Use it in your home, office, workplace, cottage, shed, porch, or boathouse. Once powered on, two one S Ultrasonic siren bursts are emitted from the front Speakers every three Min. One burst is at 25 kHz, & the S at 32 kHz frequency. These frequency ranges are audible to rodents (rats, mice, squirrels) & other pests, but inaudible to humans, cats, dogs & Birds. The burst frequencies alternate so rodents cannot acclimate themselves to a single Ultrasonic frequency. These Ultrasonic bursts are emitted every 3 Min at a powerful 88 dB level for 2 full S, with 1 S at each of the two frequencies. This is Proven to be loud enough to be a discomfort to unwanted rodents & discourage them from staying within earshot of your new Ultrasonic rodent Repeller. Because this product is battery operated & does not require a plug, you can place it where you need it. Aim the Ultrasonic rodent Repeller at problem areas. You can move the unit as often as you like, & as needed. The LED power indicator light shows you the product is powered on, & an audible test button confirms the Ultrasonic function is working correctly. Your pestcontro Ultrasonic device should be used in rooms where signs of Mouse or rat activity is observed. Placement of the device is important. Ultrasonic waves travel in a straight line & bounce off non-absorbing materials to fill a room. Hard surfaces such as walls, doors, appliances, etc. Will reflect the Ultrasonic waves. The area covered by the Ultrasonic waves may be better when there are more reflective surfaces. Ultrasonic waves cannot penetrate through hard or solid objects. Rodents behind these types of objects will not be repelled. The portability of your new pestcontro product allows you to freely & frequently move the unit so the ultrasound waves have access to those areas.

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