ALASKA BEAR - Natural Silk Liner Gloves Unisex : Clothing

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Dimensions: 1. The preferred method is hand laundered in cold water, using mild neutral liquid detergent. Detergents formulated specifically for silk will keep the silky-softness of the fabric. 2. Do not soak dark-colored silk for more than five minutes. Wash separately and do not mix with other harsher fabric as it will break down the more delicate silk fibers. 3. Avoid tumble-drying. The heat will change silk dramatically and cause the loss of softness/sheen. 4. Silk has a resistance to creasing or wrinkling, most will smooth out naturally. If ironing should become necessary, press the damp silk on the reverse side with an iron set on low. Silk charmeuse requires a cool iron to bring back sheen. Silk is actually very strong for its weight. Filament silk(long strands) is stronger than "spun silk"(short bits spun together). Customers’ experience tells that if you take care of silk gloves they will last many years. Reminder: Be careful, velcro would never be a good fit for silk.

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