240v HERMS (Heat Exchanged Recirculating Mash System) Home Brewery Controller with 4 prong plug (4 Prong Dryer): Home & Kitchen

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Our full HERMS controller is two switched 120V pump outlets, a boil controller and mash controller all in one housing. The boil controller and mash controller feed separate outlets. The boil controller and mash controller can’t be on at the same time, making this controller safe to use with a 30 Amp dryer circuit. Our full HERMS Controllers are available in 220/240V configuration only. These controllers are designed to manage the mash cycle of your HERMS tank as well as your boil. Two pump circuits are included, one for HERMS circulation and the other for transfer. The 120V pumps are independent of the PID (mash) controller and boil controller. Homebrewers also use these controllers for conventional (non-HERMS) breweries. In this configuration the Mash outlet would power your mash tun or RIMS tube while the boil outlet would still power your brew pot.

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