EasyShot Shooting Targets, High-Contrasting Blue & Red Colors Make it Easy to See Your Shots Land, Heavy-Duty Silhouette Targets for Shooting - 150 Free Repair Stickers Guarantee : Sports & Outdoors

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SEE YOUR TARGETS STANDOUT DOWNRANGE LIKE NEVER BEFORE. EasyShot Targets are revolutionary in their color brightness, contrast and durability.Enjoy excellent downrange visibility using all caliber firearms. The high-contrast blue and red colors make it easier for you to pick out your mark and see where you hit. EasyShot Targets allow you to spot bullet holes easier for higher scores and tighter groups.WHAT'S THE SECRET? Thanks to our proprietary blend of fluorescent inks, EasyShot Targets can be CLEARLY seen up to 500 yards away.The high contrast silhouettes with bright blue and red aiming points make acquiring a clear sight picture FAST and EASY. What’s more, you get positive feedback with each shot fired.Experience the difference today.

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