Pro Impact Genuine Leather Double End Boxing Punching Bag - Speed Striking & Dodge Training Ball - Includes Cords & Hooks for Gym Workout MMA Muay Thai (9 Inch) : Sports & Outdoors

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Great for practicing fast punching, this high-quality Pro Impact Double End Punching Bag is expertly constructed using 100% top-grade genuine leather for extreme durability and improved functionality. The ball is hand-stitched to the highest standards, boasting reinforced loops and welted seams to hold up throughout many vigorous workouts and punching sessions. This Boxing Punching Bag comes complete with a pair of bungee cords and S-hooks so you can easily mount and suspend the bag at both ends to the ceiling and floor. These elastic cords allow the punching bag to swing back and forth as well as side-to-side as you hit it, so you can master your reflexes and timing skills. Inside, the bag’s bladder is made using heavy-duty rubber to prevent loss of air even after beating on it repeatedly for months on end. Taking the shape of your bag once inflated, this heavy-duty bladder is expertly constructed to the highest specification for extended, non-leak usage every time it takes a hit. Offering very little resistance and constantly moving, this double end bag utilizes timing and accuracy over all other skills. As such, it will help you improve your hand speed, hand-eye coordination and reaction time, while also allowing you to practice and develop defensive techniques, movement and footwork. To meet everyone’s needs, the Boxing Punching Bag comes in two sizes. The smaller size is harder to hit and offers a quicker rebound, making it ideal for the more advanced user. Meanwhile, the larger style is more suited for beginners, providing a larger target to hit so users can enhance their skills more easily.

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