GM CLIMBING Climbing Hand Ascender (Right Hand and Left Hand) for Arborist Tree Climbing Rigging CE UIAA : Sports & Outdoors

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Rope compatibility: 8~12mm / 0.315~0.472in Net weight: 240g / 8.47oz Breaking strength: 4kN CE EN 567/ UIAA General Applications: Single rope climbing; Process capture or tensioning assistant in a hauling / rigging system Rubber safety catch Cam Rubber handle Attachment holes How to Engage Rope on an ascender? Hold the ascender with arrow mark upside (or in opposite to rope move direction); Pull Safety Catch outward and fix it by clipping to the body; Install rope between device body and cam; Release safety catch and make sure cam firmly bite rope. How to remove rope from an ascender? When remove rope from ascender, it’s vital and must kept in mind that ascender should have a tendency to move upward or in arrow mark direction while operator opens safety catch.  The action is to protect rope sheath from abrasion. Working Principle Cams installed allow device to move smoothly along rope upward or in the arrow mark direction but clamp to rope when pulled in the opposite direction.

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