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* Broad spectrum treatment plus an apple-cinnamon flavor * Power-Dose is the only dewormer that treats every stage of encysted small strongyles SafeGuard Paste dewormer is safe and convenient for use in all horses, foals and ponies. Apple-cinnamon flavored oral dewormer is for the control of large and small strongyles, roundworms and pinworms. The Safe-Guard 92 gram syringe is also labeled for use in beef and dairy cattle for the removal and control of lungworms, three types of stomach worms and six types of intestinal worms. No milk withdrawal period for dairy cattle. 8 day slaughter withdrawal. Safe guard contains 100 mg fenbendazole per gm. Each 25 gm syringe will treat one 1,100 lb horse; each 92 gm syringe will treat 8 - 500 lb animals. For foals and weanlings less than 18 months of age, use double the dose on a per pound basis. For treatment of all stages of the deadly encysted small strongyle, use the Power-Dose*. Contains five 57 gm syringes, 1 each for 5 consecutive days of treatment for a 1,250 lb horse. *Encysted small strongyles are undetectable in routine fecal examinations, don't visibly affect the horse until he becomes ill, and can survive the effects of most common dewormers. Safe-Guard Power-Dose treats every stage to eliminate the problem.

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