RK Enterprises Dealer Firearms/FFL Bound Log Book/Firearms Acquisition and Disposition Record Book1000 Entry : Office Products

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The perfect log for tracking firearm movements into and out of your FFL. Approved by the ATF, the log satisfies the ATF requirement that firearm dealers keep a bound book recording their firearm acquisitions and dispositions and gives enough space for each entry to be logged neatly and correctly, making it easy to read and easy to record. The record book gives space for the caliber of firearm, serial number, source,and manufacturer, among other basic information, for both firearm acquisitions and dispositions. RK Enterprises has been in the FFL supply business since 1982, we offer our best seller the 1000 entry log book that is so popular with our 18,000 customers we deal with., 1000 gun record books. Inside cover and first pages explain and demonstrate the booking in/out process Laminated front cover and interior pages copyrighted by us many years ago A hardboard durable back for durability Designed speciffically to meet the needs and requirements of FFLs and the BATF. They can be bought directly from the manufacturer much cheaper as low as $12.60 each.

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