50 6-Inch Garden Landscape Staples Stakes Pins - USA Strong Pro Quality Built to Last. Weed Barrier Fabric, Ground Cover, Soaker Hose, Lawn Drippers, Irrigation Tubing, Wireless Invisible Dog Fence… : Garden & Outdoor

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Professional quality garden and sod staples help enhance your outdoor landscapes, patio, home, and landscaping projects. Longer and stronger to pin down items in the landscape, lawn, and garden. Made of durable steel and Proudly Made In The USA. These staples are available as packs of 50 - 75 - 100 - or 150 depending on your needs. The strong steel staples come in Heavy Duty 11 Gauge Steel or Extra Heavy Duty 9 Gauge Steel. Now also available in Anti-Rust for pretty pinterest projects and other tasks around the home. Anti-rust landscape staples are galvanized with a strong zinc coating for extra protection from rust. These anti-rust staples are available as packs of 100 and come in Heavy duty or Extra heavy duty steel. These staples anchor tight with extra strength holding power. Tough metal spikes rust naturally to grow into the ground and increase friction for improved holding power. Professional grade spikes used by the pros. These staples are made from durable 9 gauge wire giving you a tougher anchor to hold tight any wires, lights, irrigation, fences, or weed barriers. Full 6" inch length steel. Extra Heavy Duty staples are available in both anti-rust or extra-hold. These staples are galvanized giving them extra protection from rust. The strong zinc coating helps these staples stay rust free for longer making them great for use inside or out in the garden beds and flower boxes. All of our products are constructed with high quality materials to make sure your landscaping project is a success.

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