Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask For A Full Night's Sleep | Comfortable & Super Soft Eye Mask With Adjustable Strap | Works With Every Nap Position | Ultimate Sleeping Aid/Blindfold, Blocks Light : Beauty

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Made of the finest woven silk known to man, this excellent quality 100% Mulberry Silk Mask will enhance your sleep, relax your eyes and sooth your mind right on the spot. Its ultra-soft quality feels heavenly on your skin for an incomparably better sleeping routine. Breathable, and hypoallergenic, this sleeping face-mask allows for healthy oxygen circulation. The perfect solution for insomnia, migraine headaches and dry-eye sufferers. No matter if you are a side sleeper, a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, with this blindfold you can achieve an improved sleeping routine easily and effectively. As it rests gently yet securely on your face, you can turn around with ease, knowing that your new sleep mask won’t fall or slide off your face. An excellent choice even for shift worker as well as planes,trains, buses, long car-rides. The fully adjustable slider clasp ensures the perfect customized fit for anyone. As it securely holds your mask in place, you can comfortably fall asleep in any position. Its smart design prevents rubbing and compressing your eyes, eyelids and eyelashes, keeping your makeup intact. Plus, unlike other blackout sleep masks that get all tangled in your hair, this strap is so thin and unobtrusive you won’t FALSE

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