Physix Gear Kinesiology Tape Pro - Waterproof Physio Sports Tape for Pain & Injuries, Pregnancy, Muscle, Knee, Joint Support, Swelling, Strain Relief, Enhanced Blood Circulation (Beige, 1 Roll) : Health & Household

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PROTECT AGAINST STRAIN, DISCOMFORT & INJURY w/ Physix Gear Sport Kinesiology Tape/Athletes Tape! Truly long-wearing, our sport tape kinesiology uses premium grade adhesive to support muscles, tendons, & joints. Physix kineseolgy tape reduces your cramps/swelling & enhances movement! Our cut-to-fit kinetic tape roll is more practical than pre-cut kinesio tape 1 inch or kineos tape 10" cuts, allowing you to customize it as a kinetic tape knee, pregnancy kinesiology tape, kinesiology tape hamstring, stomach tape, kinetic tape ankle, pt tape shoulder, sports tape back, kinesio tape for tennis elbow, tape for plantar fasciitis, or as a general kineology therapy tape. As pregnancy tape belly support, our kinesology tape will protect you & your baby! Physix kin tape kinesiology provides reliable support where needed, that's why therapists, doctors, & athletes use & recommend our kineseology tape as a kinetic tape pregnancy, kt blister tape, athlete tape, or sports tape kinesiology! And why not? Our kinesiology tape waterproof is designed to stick on for days through sweat, showers, & swims! Our kinescio tape/kinselogy tape latex free doesn't contain irritants so it's the kinesiology tape sensitive skin loves, perfect even as a breast tape/boob tape! Every kinsiology tape purchase includes a downloadable E-Book detailing how to cut, apply & safely remove our kinectic tape. This tk tape is not just great as a kinesiology tape pregnancy but also as an equine kinesio tape for building horse muscles! Our kintape kinesiology comes in stylish black/blue/beige/orange/green/pink/purple/red/white/yellow. This k t tape is a reliable waterproof kt sports tape that's elastic, mimicking body’s movements wherever placed. Made w/ quality non-fraying fabric, this kinieso tape is also ideal as a binding tape ftm! Our kinesio tape waterproof/k2 tape/kinecio tape is durable, comfortable, easy to remove w/o cutting your skin. Best kinesiological tape available!

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