50 Tarp Straps for Flatbed Trailers, 21" Long Natural Rubber Bungee Cord Tie-Downs Ideal for Securing Tarps, Canvases, Cargo in Cold Climates | Tie-Downs w/Metal S-Hooks - -

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Rubber Bungee Strap Tarp Tie-Downs~ Choose from lengths of 9", 15", 21", 31", and 41"~ Straps come in packs of 50~ Made out of natural rubber – ideal for the cold. Think reefers, flatbed deliveries in the mountains, ice pack in camper, etc.If you have a flatbed full of lumber, you probably use a tarp to cover the load to avoid damage, loss, and weather-caused decay. And then you need a tarp strap to hold down the tarp or canvas. These durable tarp straps are made of sturdy rubber and have steel S-hook at both ends, one of which hooks through the holes on the tarp and one which gets hooked into the track on the belly of the truck.Tarp straps are not used just to secure tarps onto trucks. They are great for securing cargo loads and accessories in the backs of trucks and trailers and they perform well as belts, holding together bundles of bars, tools, poles, etc. The simplicity and reliability of these straps makes them a favorite cargo transport accessory for many.

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