New Design PREMIUM 63'' Cable Management Sleeve, Best Cords Organizer System for TV Computer Office Home Entertainment, DIY Adjustable Black - White Cord Sleeves Wire Cover Concealer Wrap: Computers & Accessories

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Increase Your Productivity By Eliminating Distractions Studies show that by eliminating some of the distractions around you, your productivity increases dramatically.  Perhaps without knowing it, the cluttered and tangled cords around your computer, TV entertainment center, and other power cords have been stifling your creativity and full productivity.  Eliminate those unnecessary distractions by camouflaging them with our Pro-Master waterproof and adjustable cord concealer sleeves.​ Portable, Premium, and Practical  At Pro-Master, those three words are words to live by.  We only want to provide products that can be widely-used for many different purposes, made with premium quality, and are easy to take anywhere for when you need it.  We’ve done our job right, when we create products that accomplish that for our amazing customers. Built to Last Our cable management sleeve was made with thick high-density waterproof neoprene material and a new high-frequency technology Velcro to ensure that our cord hider sleeves will never tear, fade, or look grayish. We built our wire organizer to withstand the effects of time! Welcome to Clean Cord Heaven As they say “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and we want to help your cords look as clean and tidy as possible.  Even the cleanest individuals sometimes need help getting all the cords in their home organized.  And that’s where our Pro-Master Cord Management Sleeves come in as your ultimate cord cleaner-upper.  Now you can get rid of all the tangled cable eyesores that were throwing off your groove.​​ Ready to Tackle Any Messy Cord Infestation Are you ready to go from a tangled mess of cords to unnoticeable and organized cords? There is no wire management problem that our cable-organizing sleeve cannot solve.  Our Pro-Master Cable Organize is adjustable, so it can fit any length of cords in your home.  Just cut the sleeve to your desire length, wrap the sleeve around the cords, and velcro it into place.  Easy as 1, 2, 3. Step 1) Cut the length of our Pro-Master Cable Organizer Sleeve you need for the length of cords. Step 2) Wrap the Cable Sleeve around the cords, and then velcro the sleeve together.  Step 3) You have now successfully hidden the cords from view.

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