iLumen8 BEST Shooting Glasses UV Blacklight Yellow Vision Safety Eye protection: Clothing

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See Clearer and Farther on the Shooting Range--Our unique pale-yellow Lenses not only increase contrast, but also make for better depth-perception, making these Shooting Glasses ideal for shooting and hunting. Our customers rave about the optical clarity these lenses provide sharpshooters on indoor and outdoor ranges, especially on overcast/cloudy days and early evening/dusk conditions. Our Non-Distorting lenses have an ideal Lens-Curve for a Wide-Field-of- Vision. ANTI-FOG DESIGNIncrease the GLOW when using ANY Blacklight / UV Flashlight (YELLOW LENS ONLY) --We have tested most 'UV safety glasses' on the market and find the majority of them do a poor job at helping you see because the yellow tint of their glasses is too dark. Our lenses are tinted a 'lighter shade' of yellow that is perfectly engineered to increase luminescence (increase the glow) when using UV flashlights. Most UV flashlights beam out a lot of purple and blue light making the stains tricky to see (especially small stains). Our lenses filter out most of that purple/blue light allowing you to SEE MORE STAINS and things that you are looking for.Protect your eyes when using UV Flashlights or from any outdoor activity --iLumen8's UV glasses have a 400 UV protection rating, meaning it can block 99%-100% of UV-A and UV-B harmful radiation up to 400nm, so you can rest assured that our UV safety glasses have got you covered. PLEASE NOTE: While these glasses are durable and virtually indestructible, they are not ANSI z87 Certified.***UPDATE OCTOBER 2017*** In addition to our ORIGINAL BEST SELLING YELLOW LENS, we now have added several lens colorsIncludes: UV Glasses,Gift Box, Hard Case or Microfiber Pouch (please check models to find out which one yours comes with),

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