HeatWave Floor Heating Cable 120V (32-60 Square Feet) with Required GFCI Programmable Thermostat: Home & Kitchen

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Heatizon's Heatwave System is the best and most versatile floor warming system available. The systems are easy to install and allow for custom installation configurations. Unlike our competitors, every system comes a programmable thermostat standard. Heatwave is available as pre-configured mat or free-roll cable and in 120 or 240 voltages. We also offer various upgrades and expansion options (see flyer in box). Heatwave standard thermostat (M429) specifications: Up to 4 event programming Simple user interface Pre-programmed for quick set up Multi voltage: 120/208/240 V Output Relay 15A Can be set to automatic, manual, or comfort mode Includes 2 sensors: a built-in air sensor and floor sensor thermistor with 10 feet of NTC (12K) sensor cable Temperature control range: 41ºF to 104ºF Class A GFCI (5 mA trip level) The Heatwave system comes with a 10-foot long floor sensor standard for optimal use of your Heatwave System. Extra compatible sensors are available on our store. Heatwave comes in various sizes to accommodate differing size spaces. It is important to accurately measure the space you intend heat. Avoid placing the heating cable under vanities, within 6-inches of the toilet gasket and under other permanent fixtures in the space. It is acceptable to place Heatwave in a shower, provided that is still fully embedded in a thinset/or Mortar. Be aware the heating cable cannot be cut or shortened in anyway. The Heatwave free-roll cable system includes nail/screw-down strapping to aide in installation. *Actual strapping provided may vary from picture.

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