Cramer Hurricane 7 Pad Football Girdle, with Thigh, Hip and Tailbone Pads, Football Pants with Foam Padding for Extra Protection, Football Practice Gear with Intergrated Girdle : Clothing

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The Cramer Hurricane 7 Pad Football Girdle features a high amount of padding for increased protection and is designed to not impede the performance of the wearer. Pads are made from Spider Web EVA that distributes pressure from hard hits and collisions. It features thigh, knee, hip, and tailbone pads. The fabric wicks away moisture and has anti-microbial qualities to keep them clean and ensure peak performance. Since 1918, coaches and sports medicine professionals have relied on Cramer to maximize the performance of their athletes. The brand helps players of all ages and skill levels, and its legacy of product specific knowledge has made it a cornerstone of the industry. Drawing on the experience of nearly a century devoted to product innovation, Cramer meticulously crafted a line of protective apparel that enables competitors at every level to go harder and play safer. Research and development specialists took ideas and materials out of the workshop to test in real game-time conditions, and the items offered today survived intense scrutiny by those actual athletes in the field. Now, the garments embody the highest commitment to safety, style, and comfort so that the only focus is the game, not the gear. From optimally compressive fabrics to dynamic pad systems, Cramer apparel is designed to perform, proven to protect and built to last. Conveniently designed with Spider Web foam padding permanently attached at the hips, tailbone and thighs, as well as the knees in the 7-pad version. System conforms better than traditional padding and offers increased breathability. Features wraparound thigh pads reinforced with high-impact plastic cores plus extended hip pads over the iliac crest for ultimate protection. Includes ventilating mesh crotch and non-deteriorating spandex elastomer waistband. Fabricated with 80% Nylon/20% Spandex w/ 100% Polyester mesh crotch panel, anti-microbial and moisture-wicking. Spandex elastomer waistband maintains stretch. Available in adult sizes only, white and gray.

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