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ToiLight Will Light Up Your Toilet Seat Turning It Into a Gentle Night Light: Improve Your Sleep And Make Your Toilet Fun and Exciting for Everyone in The Family Tired of getting blinded by the bright light in your toilet? Do you hurt your sleep when you go to the toilet at night? Are you frustrated by stumbling in the dark in your toilet, leaving a mess behind you? Introducing ToiLight - the perfect gadget for your bathroom: The glowing light activates when you approach the toilet bowl, illuminating it in a pleasant way. Works only when it's dark to conserve energy. It emits just the right amount of light, so you can find your way around and leave the toilet tidy and clean. ToiLight is a cool and useful motion activated LED gadget. It turns on only when it senses movement and only when it's dark in the room. This way it saves energy by not turning on when it's not needed. ToiLight improves your sleep because you don't have to turn on the blinding light in the toilet. Instead, ToiLight's light illuminates the toilet bowl in a pleasant way that soothes you. Crafted by a professional manufacturer of electronics with a dedicated team of quality control specialists. ToiLight makes a great gift! The recipient of your gift will be surprised and delighted. While others (who walk into the toilet) will be impressed. ToiLight is useful for the elderly - it can prevent midnight accidents by ensuring there's light in the toilet even when they have not turned on the lighting. Kids love it too! It definitely makes potty training more fun. Plus it helps kids keep their target while peeing (so that they don't make a mess around the toilet). Friends with a sense of humor will appreciate it as well! It makes a great gag gift and it's actually useful! It comes with a nice and clean package suitable for gifts. Here's how ToiLight will provide you the midnight convenience you need: ToiLight makes peeing fun. Choose your favorite color or set it to rotate colors. Match the color of your bowl to your decor. ToiLight comes with 8 different single colors to choose from, plus color rotation mode. Each ToiLight has 8 colors to choose from: blue, red, pink, green, baby blue, purple, yellow, white, and color rotation (Rainbow mode). Easy to install on any bowl. ToiLight's flexible arm fixes it soundly. Installation takes literally one minute. Easy to use - Just one button to choose the color mode you desire. Sanitary design: Crafted in a way to stay clean. Practical to travel with it. You'll have your guests marching into the bathroom to check it out and they'll be dying to get one too. Join the increasing number of people who are already enjoying their own ToiLight. ToiLight - Your toilet will never be the same! Clean design package ToiLight - Your toilet will never be the same!

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