Force of Habit Axle Bar 7 ft. Length 55 lbs 2" Diameter Grip Smooth Bearings Rotating Sleeves 1200 lbs Loading Capacity Chrome : Sports & Outdoors

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7ft. Axle (Fat) Bar, 2 inch diameter center grip area, 25 kg (55 lbs.), strongman and thick bar training. Improve grip and wrist strength and build powerful forearms, swivel or rotating sleeves with smooth bearings, chrome finish. Ideal for snatch lift and deadlifts, great for all pulling exercises. Sturdy rock solid construction for years of use. The wide grip forces you to hold the bar rather than cradling it in your fingers and palms. Its great bar for any athlete in a deadlift or weight training program and it’s a must have in any gym. Train heavy and cross train for deadlifts. A must have specialty bar for male & female powerlifters, strongman, CrossFit and bodybuilders.

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