Purple Ladybug Teacher Stickers For Kids Mega Value Pack! 4960 Reward Stickers for Teachers & Incentive Stickers Sheets in Bulk for Classroom & School Use - with Star Stickers & Other styles Stickers! : Office Products

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Open our beautiful custom-designed box to find your stickers nestled securely inside, with 18 individually wrapped sleeves containing 10 sheets full of stickers in each sleeve, for a total of 180 sheets with 4960 stickers! There is a variety of designs including apples and different styles of happy faces, stars and smiling stars. Each sleeve (containing 10 sheets) has the same design on all 10 sheets in the sleeve. The top sheet has gold foil detail, the following nine are outlined in solid colors. Each sticker design is a different size, stickers range in size from 0.5" - 0.75". Each sheet of stickers measures 4.75" x 3.5". The box is bright yellow, so it's always easy to spot, plus provides storage and protection for your stickers. Each end is sealed with a Purple Ladybug sticker to ensure it stays secure before it reaches you! 4960 Stickers in every box! You'll see a lot of pride on their faces when your students notice you recognized and rewarded their hard work with these fun stickers! Our Mega-Pack lets you stock up on a massive number of stickers in one box - get a variety of designs, sizes and different colors of stickers.

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