LPHUMEX Fuel Pump Removal Tool - Fuel Pump Lock Ring Tool, Fuel Tank Repair Kit, Fuel Tank Lid Cover Remove Spanner, 3/8" to 1/2" Adjustable Lock Ring Spanner: Automotive

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What does this fuel pump removal tool do? Our fuel pump removal tool easily removes and installs the lock ring on the fuel tank when servicing the fuel pump or fuel sending unit, remove a ring nut to change out or install a fuel pump and change the fuel filter etc. This fuel pump removal wrench will save you time and energy during the installation and removal of these lock rings! Zero damage to the plastic ring nut with this wrench and it's totally adjustable to fit whatever size ring nut possible!! Can this fuel tank lid remover tool fit my car? The universal design allows the tool to fit for any size of plastic ring nut. (For some metal lock ring, we have another tool, you can have a reference in our store). If you are not sure,please calculate the top of the fuel pump and tell us the size and we will check for you. Compatible with all vehicles that have silent fuel tank lid, adjustable from 3/8" to 1/2" (38mm to 168mm) ratchet drives. What other tools I need to remove the fuel pump lock ring? All that is needed is a 12mm wrench to set the width of the arms and a 3/8" drive ratchet with extension. Perfect though. Way better then a screw driver and hammer (that didn't work).Make sure you tighten the two small bolts before use. The wrench easily engages in the ridges around a threaded locking collar that secures the fuel pump to the top of the tank. Is this item of good quality? The tool is all steel and uses wing nuts to lock the arms in place. It it a must have? Never try removing the lid without this tool. Sparks can cause an explosion if the seals are leaking. This tool fits tight and locks and unlocks using a large breaker bar or ratchet. So you may use it only once. But it's smarter to do so than bashing on the retainer ring and potentially destroying fuel pump components. Or the tank. The tank BTW is USD 1500. The pump USD 200. But this item. Sturdy, takes a 1/2-inch drive ratchet.

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